Monday, October 3, 2011

The Storm Begins with Lumpy Waters

It's go time!  I have two big time sea kayaking symposiums coming up that I have been anticipating for MONTHS! 


The 3rd Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium is fast approaching.  The classes are locked in and coaches are on their way from all over.  As one of the event coordinators, I am feeling the crunch big time.  Orchestrating coastal and rough water classes for almost 90 beginner and intermediate paddlers at once is an organizational "challenge" to say the least.  We are watching the forecast close and crossing our fingers for GOOD weather.  

The 6th Annual Storm Gathering on the other hand is all about paddling in challenging conditions.  It's specifically scheduled for a bit more...turbulent weather window.  This year's event is to be held at the Isle of Anglesey, in Wales.  The goals of this symposium are to bring together intermediate and advanced boaters with similar passions while providing solid programs with an emphasis on challenging conditions, commitment, and open crossings.  It's my first year being invited to coach at the event.  It's also my first international sea kayak symposium!  I look forward to exploring this sea kayaking mecca and working with more British Canoe Union Coaches while I'm there.  

Once the Storm Gathering is over I will be participating in the necessary training and completing the required courses to begin the 5 star assessment process.  Then it's onto Scotland where I hope to explore more whitewater rivers and visit some friends I made on my previous trip there in 2008.  After Scotland it's over to Ireland to meet up with Kate.  

It's going to be an exciting month coming up.  Wish me luck.



Bryant Burkhardt said...

Sounds like an awesome time you have planned. Throw in a trip to Patagonia and it would be complete. Looking forward to seeing you at Lumpy.

matt nelson said...

Hey Paul,

fantastic job coordinating everything last weekend. It was great to get out boating with everybody on Monday. Best of luck in GB and elsewhere in the next month.

Paul Kuthe said...

Thanks guys. You both did a stellar job coaching all weekend. I am so lucky to have such an amazing pool of coaches to work with! We could not have done it without you guys...well, it would not have been nearly as good anyway.