Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The final Season Episode

                              The Season Episode 19 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

In the end, "The Butze" delivered the goods.  She didn't give them up easy, but the experience was well worth the effort.  We weren't sure what we would find up there.  What did The Butze have to show us?  We had already been to Skooks, styled Okisollo, surfed tidal bores and rode the whirlpools of Fundy Bay.  It ended up showing us more than we ever could have expected.  It revealed to us something you can only learn when it's all on the line.

Dave White (Left) and Bryan Smith (right) wait out the flood in high camp.  It was miserable.  

I have obviously learned a great deal from my experience working on this project with Bryan.  I have finally stopped wearing a pfd to bed, but beyond that, I learned that I would trust these guys with my life.  I learned that we can band together as a team, despite adversity and pull off the trip of a lifetime.  

Dave White, finally dry wearing the few items of clothing he had left.  

Nick Jacob crackin jokes in the "athlete's corner" 

I hope to continue seeking out the seldom seen, and incredibly magical corners of distant seas with these guys, but you can't ever take it for granted.  Life rolls on, people move and grow; crews form and disperse.  You can't keep looking back.  Once you get home and unpack from that last big trip it's time to start planning the next.   I have some ideas, but no new expeditions off the ground at this point.  The sea calls.  Stay tuned and in touch for future project announcements.  In the mean time, get out there and EXPLORE!  Thanks for watching!!

Looking out from high camp at high slack.  
Photo by: Phil Tifo