Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coaching at the 6th UK Storm Gathering

Being invited to coach at the UK Storm Gathering was quite an honor.  Never before have I been surrounded by so many amazing coaches at once.  Having never been there I wasn't sure how I would fit in.  There were many unknowns for me leading up to the event.  For instance...Would I even have anything to show these folks?  What are the venues like?  Will I be able to manage a group of students on my own in unfamiliar waters?  What class am I even scheduled to run...? and with whom will I be coaching??  Where will we go???

It all became clear as the event got underway early Saturday morning.  Nick Cunnliffe and Matt Giblin did an amazing job of organizing coaches and students into groups based on the conditions of the day.  It was actually really good for me as a coach to not need a plan the day before.  Having the ability to set up and run a successful session with only about 20 minutes notice was key.

For more information about the event check out my post on the Kokatat Blog at

Check out some more photos from the event below:
A proper Welch breakfast at the center...when in Rome I guess... ;)  

Matt Gibling sorting the classes in the morning

It's even more rainy in Wales than it is back home in Portland!

 Axel Schoevers copying down his class list for his session the morning of.  
Once the classes were announced it was GO time!

Watching a student get after at at Treaddur Bay.  Go Jackie go!

The heavy South winds were churning up the water into a thick foam

Getting our nav on.

I love it when students go big!  Nice one Brian!!

A little fun with the coaches after a long day on the water.  

I had a great time coaching at the Storm Gathering and can only hope that one; there will be another one next year and two; that I will be invited back.  What an amazing event!  Thanks to everyone involved, especially Mark Tozer for organizing this year's event and for including me!   

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