Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey ladies...are you prepared for, "sudden rapids?"

Last summer the nice folks at Tampax Tampons contacted Alder Creek about props and wardrobe for a new ad compaign starring "Mother Nature", an unwanted imaginary monthly visitor that extends her "monthly gift" at the worst time possible.

The casting, wardrobe, locations, and production staff ALL call Alder Creek at various times through out the day when these opportunities blaze through town.  It can be fun, but they want what they want and they want it yesterday.  

They hired some local talent, and ran the second casting call behind Alder Creek's kayak & canoe shop. They had requested 17-25 year old women WITH whitewater experience.
(photo left: Kate Ross, Catherine Lloyd Burn, Christy Glissmeyer)
 Only two women showed up that could keep their boat where they wanted on the flat water behind the shop. One was Nicole from Hood River, OR. and the other was Kate Ross of Willamette Riverkeeper and Alder Creek. The rest of the girls showed up plastered in make-up and sporting booty shorts. Kate was worried that she might have missed a memo on the booty shorts. ;)

They ended up picking a "real" actress for the lead, but had to keep her tethered to the bank so they could just pull her back to her starting position.  She was a trooper, but had no clue how to boat.
They ended up hiring Kate and Christy Glissmeyer as kayakers and Nicole as the stunt double.

 I somehow got on as the token dude. The work was easy. Shooting on location mostly involves working for about 10 minutes at a time then continuing to down free snacks and smoothies, while watching the crew set up for the next shot. It's pretty sweet...plus everyone keeps referring to you as "the talent."

Check out the finished product below then scroll down for some more shots I took on set.

              The latest in women's specific pfd accessories.

Stunt Woman Nicole drops in with her "monthly gift" in tow.

Ms. Ross & I on set.  mmm... smoothies.

Stunt / Lead

You can see "Mother Nature on the rock filing her nails.
You can also make out the rope attached to the lead's boat.

Grips were assigned to carry the boats back to the starting point.  "...Your boat Ms. Ross"

We were never short of snacks on set.

                                             That's a wrap


Willie Illingworth said...

Always check the flows before putting in!

Anonymous said...
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Wet Willie said...
>Always check the flows before putting in!

Doh! That's a double entendre of magnanimous proportions!