Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who invited THIS guy?

I have to try and show a little class this month.  I will be doing some sea coaching with some of the very best, at two amazing venues in February!  Who's ready to get back on NW waters for 2012?

To start things off, I will be heading North into Washington's Deception Pass to teach with one of my favorite coaches, Gordon Brown over from Scotland.

Gordon and I will be presenting helpful ideas and techniques for smarter paddling in dynamic waters.  Everything from breaking in and out of swirling whirlpools to mopping up the mess with incident management will be covered.  Follow all the action from the weekend or jump on last minute cancellations by visiting this link:
This is truly a unique opportunity.  Gordon's classes always fill up fast.  I can't wait to coach with him again.

After all the "Deception" you won't believe where we are headed next...

There are still a few spaces left at the big symposium in San Francisco.  If you have not been before, I HIGHLY recommend the experience.  Visit the site and sign up NOW before it fills up too!!!

  I have been down for "Golden Gate" every year.  This February, Tide Race Sea Kayaks and I will be heading back down to the city by the bay.  San Francisco Bay offers some of the very best coaching and learning venues anywhere.  Work on refining basic technique in the calm waters of the inner bay, or tackle the beginner tide rips off yellow bluff or tour around Alcatraz.  Slip under the Golden Gate Bridge and out into the wild blue ocean beyond for more advanced training grounds with caves, rocks, and explosive swell.  San Fran has it ALL!

World class coaches from all over the world will be there including a special visit from the legendary Jon Turk!  There is something for everyone down at the Golden Gate Symposium.  It's a truly iconic backdrop to an incredible sea paddling event with some of the very best coaches from all around the world.  Hurry...don't miss this opportunity...I'm not sure how long that dock will hold all the amazing coaching talent!     

Visit  to get signed up!  Don't wait!! It's filling up fast!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,I enjoy the blog. I'm a recently transplanted Colorado kayaker to NW Washington and getting into a lot more sea boatin. I come from and have a solid whitewater background so it's not all completely new to me. But I'm curious if you have any instructional- class advice for somebody looking to learn more about sea kayaking..the navigation, tide schoolin me, gear advice-the mandatory gear and stuff. Pretty much all the basics but I don't wanna have to waste time paddling a kayak in the kiddy pool for a day. know what I'm sayin? I'm north of Seattle so if you got any instructional endorsements or anything, Im all ears. Thanks

Unknown said...

Check out Body Boat Blade. They offer excellent training courses that get you RIGHT out into salt water.