Monday, November 2, 2009

The Season is a Banff Finalist!!

I let everyone know about "The Season" back in September.  Click the link below if you don't know what I'm talking about then come back...

...Anyway Brian and Fitz  put together a festival cut just in time for the big festival in Banff.  It will be debuted at the Banff Center at 9:30pm November Sixth!

Once it goes online to the public I will link people to it.

For now...Wish us luck.

It's a finalist in the "Best Mountain Film" Category!!  

Information and photo pulled from Banff Center's site...Check it out.

The Season [festival cut]
The Season [festival cut]Canada, 2009, 16 minutes
Directed by Bryan Smith
Produced by Fitz Cahall
Appearing in person: Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall
Adapted from an Internet TV project, The Season follows three athletes through a Pacific Northwest summer. Each athlete’s season is a unit of measure in a career — an opportunity to leave a mark on their given sports and on their lives. A boulderer returns to form after a series of failed knee surgeries and personal struggles. Aged by the loss of his father, a young kayaker redraws the frontiers of sea kayaking. To push traditional climbing’s boundaries, a veteran climber dreams up a new piece of gear and makes the ultimate commitment to realize his invention’s potential.

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