Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Thule Website goes live featuring sweet video shot in Columbia River Gorge

The brand new International Thule Homepage wet live!!  Normally this would not be so exciting as to require multiple exclamation marks, but the new site happens to feature none other than...ME!

Just go to  pick your language and country.  When you get to the home page be patient and wait for the whole thing to load.  You should see 4 different cars you can click on.  Click on the kayaking car and start going through all the paddlesport stuff...I'm the hairy one.
 You will even find a really flashy short video that shows some nice shots of the gorge.

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Jay said...

Hey Paul, this is great. I'm thinking about emailing Thule to help them out... Their website could be much improved by having lots more pictures of you in it :)