Sunday, January 18, 2009


This Sunday, we ventured out to Canyon Creek, Wa. to check out the wood status. Nick Jacob, Ty Overeem, and I walked out onto the bridge over the upper section of the river to scout the portage... Impressive to say the least.

Soon after the warm-up rapids, we approached the lead in ledge above Terminator. We tucked into the eddy on the right and began the 30 minute scramble over the monster jam.

The mellow approach to a must make eddy on the outside of the bend river right.

Nick looks on as Ty focuses on the task. You can make out the nice green water eddy.

I had the pleasure of test paddling the new WaveSport Diesel 80. It was a pleasure.

Use extreme caution if you make this portage. The logs on this occasion had a nice layer of frost.

The move onto the logs had the most consequence. Once on top of the pile, things improved slightly. It was slow going. The sound of the water rushing underneath was so muffled it sounded like ocean waves at the beach.

Ty, before the portage.

Some of the logs in this jam are MASSIVE. The place is completely unrecognizable.

Nick is making his way past "Terminator" and over "50/50."

After a half hour of dragging, pushing, carrying, and sliding our boats through the world's largest game of pick up sticks, we needed to find a way down.

The Jam from downstream. Do you recognize the squeeze at the bottom of 50/50?

Same old take-out...with a little snow

After the run we drove up past the Fly Creek Bridge to the land slide that created the jam. It's easy to find. You can't miss it, just follow the parade of locals coming to check it out.

It's a sight to see.

The slide rumbled all the way across the river and took out full size trees on the other side, temporarily damming the river.

The flow today was flush with the unit, the river was beautiful as always and the giant pile of logs had a very pleasant scent.

Even with an epic portage it is hard to resist the draw of Canyon Creek


Corey Morton said...

Wow, paul! That makes the logjam quite a sight to see. Poor CC!!

John Kuthe said...

Firewood!! :-)

Steve Landrum said...

never a dry match when you need one!