Saturday, October 4, 2008

The River Tay

Today was my first opportunity to go paddling recreationally.  Tom, Biscuit, and Laura invited me out for a rainy morning on the Tay from the Scottish Canoe Association Access to 
Grand Tully ('Grantley').  

This access point was negotiated with a local estate owner
for SCA and BCU members ONLY.

Laura and Biscuit prep the kit at the put-in for the Tay 

This is a warm-up activity I was not familiar with

It's an easy section of class II with some fun play spots for the open boats.  I was paired with Biscuit.  Tom and Laura paddled the other tandem boat.  We all made our way down, catching nearly every eddy and surfing every wave we could find along the way.  

Biscuit explains the line

Tom and Laura cruising along

 Tom and Laura take a quick cake break

There was plenty of cake to go around

Vic joined us part way down.  She is another member of the Beyond Adventure crew.  

We finished off the run with running the top drop at Grand Tully two or three times.  Several of us nailed the top eddy move before hopping our way down to the bottom through the smaller rapids below.   

Vic driving the line on the upper rapids at Grand Tully

Vic dropping in to the seam

Laura and Tom lining for the top eddy

Makin' the move

Laura brings it home with a big draw

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kate h said...

hey paul. Good to see you are blogging your exploits so we can check what you are up to. Been nearly 2 decades since i hit Grand Tully...looks like it hasnt changed much....good luck with the assessment and keep blogging!