Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paul Kuthe

This is a blog for thos

e special people among us who boat, and to inspire those that hope to.

If you enjoy seeing pictures of beautiful places that can be experienced via kayak, canoe, raft, or any other paddled craft for that matter, then you'll enjoy this blog.

I will post about adventures I'm having, the people I meet along the way, and will attempt to illustrate why it is that we boaters spend so much time, money, and effort in pursuit of our next paddling opportunity.

For my first post...
Here is just a sample of what Oregon has to offer...I think you'll see what brought me here.
From there I'll post just a sample of some of the places that boating has taken me the last couple seasons before I started this blog.

Me, enjoying wall to wall blue sky and a brew on one of the countless sandy beaches on the Oregon coast.

The Columbia River, Washington

A look south from Indian Beach, Oregon

Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City Oregon

The little Nestucca River... Just one of the MANY amazing rivers that exist in the Pacific Northwest

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"Big Kahoona falls" Canyon Creek, Washington

Skookumchuck Tidal Rapids, British Columbia photo by Steve Rogers

Skooks... gettin bigger photo by Steve Rogers

Skooks at a "good" flow photo by Steve Rogers

Okisollo Tidal Rapids, British Columbia photo by Steve Rogers

Okisollo at a good flow, B.C. photo by Steve Rogers

Okisollo on the way back down paddler: Bryan Smith photo by Steve Rogers

British Columbia, Canada

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Some of my best friends taking in the views at Topeats Canyon, Arizona

The Silver Gratto in the Grand Canyon

Big Fluffy on Opal Creek, Oregon

The Reversing Falls on the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada photo by Lise-anne Beyries

The upper wave at Reversing Falls paddlers: Bryan Smith and Paul Kuthe photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

The "little" side channel at Reversing Falls paddlers: Bryan Smith and Paul Kuthe photo by Lise-anne Beyries
Cape Chignecto (again) photo by Bryan Smith


Cape D'or Dory Rips in Novia Scotia (Bay of Fundy photo by Lise-anne Beyries
Cape Chingnecto on the Bay of Fundy at high tide

Cape Chignecto at low tide (the same day)

Shoubenacadie Tidal Bore in Novia Scotia photo by Lise-anne Beyries

The Shoubie (again) photo by Lise-anne Beyries

In the end It dosen't matter what you paddle; kayak, canoe, raft, whatever... it's not about the's about the experiences you can have out there on the water.


Saltman said...

Looks like some great stuff. I hope that you keep up the posts. You better get some stuff of scotland on their mate!


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Paul. Definitely looking forward to getting out there in December. Maybe one year, I'll come there when it's warm.


Kathy Vosevich said...

This is some distant friends, john and kathy vosevich. we probably have not seen you since your dad's funeral, we used to have some good times with your parents and you two, we are not in Indianapolis and your mom keeps us posted on the going on's of you and Erika. Greg and Sarah are also here in Indiana both have families and are doing fine. Now what you are doing is amazing and we just love the pictures and will check in again to keep up on your adventures. you are truly seeing some of the most beautiful scenery ever and looks like Kayaking is your thing.

jcone said...

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to view life thru your eyes. Like I said before, "you inspire us all to follow our dreams"!!! Yours have lead you to Scotland. If a man can say so "I'm proud of you"

Thanks so much for always being THAT GUY. Stories to continue....

Jeff & Kara Cone

P.S. Have Fun

Jim Miller said...

Good stuff here! Thanks for sending me the link. I posted about your new blog on the Werner blog.

Keep it up!

Michelle said...

Great photography - thanks for sharing the landscape. It's so cool to read of your adventures out there. Some of us live vicariously - at least on some of those drops! You make it look easy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for the great photos and narrative. Although I learned to paddle in Oregon and was "bred and buttered" in Belfast, your travels in Scotland made me homesick. Take care, looking forward to the next pint with you.

PS. We rarely drive on the wrong side of the road but we do drive on the other side:)

Russ said...

My arm's in a cast so please excuse my keyboarding and short email.
This looks great!
Let me know when you return so we can discuss the hi and low points of paddling
Cheers, Russ

Melody said...

Paul-the photos of Scotland are stunning! What an adventure! Congrats on the Coach 3. Looks like 5*sea award will be showing next year! Will stay tuned!